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The Clean Cut: Blind, autistic teen inspires with his voice
Christopher Duffley, who is blind and autistic, shares his story through music. - photo by Noelle Baldwin
Christopher Duffley, a native of Manchester, N.H., is blind and autistic. However, in an interview with ABC News the 15-year-old said, Yeah I have blindness and autism but it doesnt stop me.

Christopher, who was adopted by his aunt and uncle, uses music as a way to express himself, to communicate and to bring joy to people. His musical interest started when he was a baby, and soon his parents discovered that Christopher is blessed with perfect pitch. He emerged on the music scene when a video of him singing, Open the Eyes of My Heart was posted on YouTube in 2011.

Singing is a gift I share, he said to ABC News. Because Im blind, I see people with my heart for who they truly are instead of what they look like on the outside.

Christopher has now released two albums, started a YouTube channel and runs a weekly podcast titled, Mission Possible. During the podcast, Christopher interviews a variety of people about their missions in life. He also engineers and edits each episode. Everyone has a mission in life or at least a purpose for life, he said. Thats what everybody in this country should believe thats what everybody needs to believe.

Learn more about Christopher on his website and YouTube channel.
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