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The big problem parents should know about before updating to iOS 10
Thinking of updating your iPhone to iOS 10? The new searchable GIF function in the built-in Messages app was found to include pornography. - photo by Chandra Johnson
Apple is in damage-control mode amid a wave of problems with its latest mobile system update, iOS 10.

Aside from problems that range from phones becoming "bricked," or rendering their devices useless, and freezing issues, there's also the matter of the new searchable GIF function in the built-in Messages app, which was found to include pornography.

When users searched certain terms like "huge" or "bounce," hardcore porn would pop up in the GIF selection, reported Gizmodo. The porn included captures from porn films, but it's also made more problematic for parents as pornographic images of popular cartoon characters such as My Little Ponies.

To its credit, Apple has been blacklisting terms known to return porn GIFs, Gizmodo reported. But parents who make a habit of letting their kids play with their phone might want to think twice before updating.
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