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The 10 best and worst cities in the U.S. to raise a family
Where you raise your family is just as important as how you raise them. - photo by Maureen "Mo" Elinzano
Raising a family is a lot of work and there are many factors that go into being a parent. Where you raise your family is just as important as how you raise them, and thanks to a study recently done by WalletHub, choosing a place to live can be easier than ever!

The study chose the cities based on five categories: 1) Family Activities and Fun, 2) Health and Safety, 3) Education and Child Care, 4) Affordability, and 5) Socioeconomic Environment.

Here are the 10 best and worst cities to raise your family in the country:

The Best

1. Overland Park, Kansas

Pack your bags and move to Kansas! Besides being home to Dorothy and Toto from our beloved "The Wizard of Oz," Kansas is home to the best city to raise your family---Overland Park.

Things to do: Children's Farmstead, two community centers that offer classes and programs for all ages, Arborteum and Botanical Gardens, state-of-the-art soccer complex, and free music concerts

2. Plano, Texas

As they saying goes, "Don't mess with Texas," and you definitely shouldn't underestimate Plano as a family-friendly and historic town in the huge Lone Star State.

Things to do: Accredited and award-winning libraries, Plano Sports Authority and youth sports teams, Interurban Railway Museum, Plano Stages, recreation centers and pools

3. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is a resort city full of history and learning opportunities for families as it is the home of the First Landing Cross, which is where the Jamestown colonists, America's first permanent English settlers, landed in 1607.

Things to do: Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, First Landing State Park/Chesapeake Bay Center, Sandler Center for the Performing Arts, Little Island Fishing Pier, Princess Anne Athletic Complex

4. Lincoln, Nebraska

The capital of Nebraska was meant to be a city full of learning and history given its namesake belonging to former (and the legendary) U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

Things to do: Wilderness Park, Sheldon Museum of Art, Lincoln Children's Zoo, Morrill Hall at the University of Nebraska, Sunken Gardens

5. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

South Dakota's largest city and the "Heart of America" has plenty of nature, attractions, and recreation to offer your family.

Things to do: Falls Park, Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum of Natural History, Wild Water West Waterpark, Great Bear Recreation Park, McKennen Park

The Worst

6. Jackson, Mississippi

The capital of Mississippi and the state's largest city ranked low in the Health and Safety, Education and Child Care, and the Socioeconomic Environment categories of the study.

7. Birmingham, Alabama

Alabama's largest city didn't rank high in the study's Family Activities and Fun category. Furthermore, the study also showed that Birmingham has a high divorce rate.

8. Detroit, Michigan

The Midwestern city and the "Automotive Capital of the World" was low in Health and Safety as well as the Socioecomonic Environment categories of the study. Detroit is also known for having one of the lowest median family salaries in the U.S., one of the country's highest violent crime rate per capita, and one of the highest percentages of families below the poverty level.

9. Miami, Florida

Florida's glamorous hot spot ranked low in the Affordability category and, like Detroit, is known for having one of the lowest median family salaries in America. Not surprisingly, Miami is known for having some of the least affordable housing in the country.

10. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Louisiana's capital city along the Mississippi River ranked low in the study's Socioeconomic Environment category and the Education and Child Care category.

So there you have it! The 10 best and worst places to raise your family! Whether you're moving with your family or planning for your future family, you'll know just where in the U.S. to go!
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