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Stranger pays tab, leaves note for mother of autistic boy
A kind stranger helped buoy up the mother of an autistic boy after he broke down in the middle of a restaurant. - photo by Jessica Ivins
BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Wash. A kind stranger helped buoy up the mother of an autistic boy after he broke down in the middle of a restaurant.

Lauren Nordberg was eating at a Bainbridge Island diner with her 6-year-old son, Elliot, when he started to get anxious. Elliot, who is autistic, has a difficult time when theres a break in his routine, Nordberg told KOMO News.

The pair wasnt able to get their regular table, and the noise and chaos of the busy diner was just too much for the little boy.

He just spiraled into a complete autistic meltdown, yelling and screaming. Its a temper tantrum on a whole other level, Nordberg said. I started to get looks, as we often do when we have a meltdown.

Nordberg took Elliot outside to help calm him down. When they went back inside, instead of the annoyed stares shed expected, she found something that completely took her by surprise.

There, lying on the table, was a note that read, Have a great day. Youre doing a wonderful job. God bless. From a mother who knows.

I started crying, the owner started crying, we start hugging, Nordberg told KOMO. Elliot was like, Hey mom, lets go.

The diner owner, Cyndi Moody, informed Nordberg that along with the note, the stranger had paid for their meal.

It was just a sweet moment, Moody said. She didnt know her she just really felt for Lauren and thought she was doing a really good job and wanted to pay it forward a little bit.

Nordberg was so moved by the strangers act of kindness that she posted a picture of the note on her Facebook account. It seems many others are touched by the story as well the post has since gone viral.

Im keeping it in my wallet because I think its important to always have a reminder of those moments, she said. A kid who is having a hard time may be having a hard time, not giving a hard time.
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