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Reading makes you more attractive, according to new dating app
Talking about a recent read may be the best way to spark a conversation with a potential mate according to a new dating app. - photo by Megan McNulty
Talking about a recent read may be the best way to spark a conversation with a potential mate at least that is what an analysis of data from the U.K. dating app MyBae suggests.

MyBae is aimed at U.K. students ages 16 and older.

The Huffington Post explained that MyBae works by suggesting potential matches based on similar tags a user has created, including interests in various books, music, movies and hobbies. "MyBae uses its data to draw conclusions about its users, and, perhaps tenuously, about dating in general," the Huffington Post noted.

According to Bustle, at least 21 percent of all MyBae matches had at least one reading-related tag in common while 15 percent matched because of related tags in music, movies and TV.

Daniel Sobey-Harker, who compiled the first published analysis of MyBae's data, found users looked at profiles with reading-related tags longer even if that profile lacked personal pictures, Bustle reported. Users with the most matches were found to be interested in romance novels, psychological thrillers and travel books. "Additionally, people who used "book specific tags" e.g. #TheGirlOnTheTrain instead of #Reading and had two or more book-related tags 'had a dramatically increased chance of matching with someone than someone who didnt,"' according to Bustle.

The National Post said users who did not list reading as one of their interests were still more likely to find those who had more attractive. Some of the most popular books include "Games of Thrones," "The Girl on The Train" and "The Last Man."

The Huffington Post claimed these findings aren't surprising as a 2014 Pew Research report found that millennials are the most likely out of any generation to use dating apps. Millennials are also the most likely to have read a book in the past year than other generations.
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