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People are actually doing some gene editing at home. Here's why experts warn against it
DNA 3D illustration. Decoding genome sequence. Scientific studies of structure of DNA molecule. Helix decomposing. Modern, clean design in high resolution - photo by Herb Scribner
Experts advise caution when trying to tinker with your genes on your own.

According to The New York Times, plenty of people have attempted to take gene editing into their own hands. Cheap equipment and easy-to-understand instructions have made it easier for nonresearchers to try gene editing.

Keoni Gandall is one such biohacker who attempted to clone DNA and make some genomes at his home.

He said he hopes there's open access to technology because future biotech discoveries may come from the least expected minds, according to the Times.

But Gandall warns against attempting gene editing on your own.

Even I would tell you, the level of DNA synthesis regulation, it simply isnt good enough, Gandall said. These regulations arent going to work when everything is decentralized when everybody has a DNA synthesizer on their smartphone.

His biggest concern someone using the technology to build a bioweapon.

Read more at The New York Times.
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