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New Venom trailer gives first look at Spider-Man villain
Sony debuted the first official trailer for the upcoming Venom movie, starring Tom Hardy (Dunkirk). - photo by Herb Scribner
We finally have our first look at the new Venom.

Sony debuted the first official trailer for the upcoming Venom movie, starring Tom Hardy (Dunkirk) in the title role, at CinemaCon in Las Vegas earlier this week.

Venom makes his first, full, on-screen appearance complete with razor-sharp teeth, snake-like eyes and a long reptilian tongue at the end of the trailer. Reporter Eddie Brock (Hardy), starting in human form, transforms into the infamous villain, revealing his very nasty alter ego.

Watch the trailer here.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Hardy told the audience at CinemaCon that he was excited to be involved in the film, which also stars actress Michelle Williams.

I just have to say, being a part of this movie and playing Venom is truly a dream come true for me, because to be brutally honest, I was looking to do a movie that initially my son could watch, Hardy said. It appealed massively to me because hes one of my favorite characters, and I chased after this movie both for me and for my son.

Hardy said he always wanted to play Spider-Man in a film, but those roles have typically gone to younger actors in recent years. Tom Holland currently holds the role, as seen in "Spider-Man: Homecoming."

Venom will not be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, according to Entertainment Weekly. Rather, it expands the ongoing Spider-Man universe inside Sonys host of films. In fact, the movie will be its own project that is based off Venom-specific comic books.

The film hits theaters on Oct. 5.
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