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Moms 'swipe right' to rewriting kids' Tinder bios
No Caption - photo by Payton Davis
Some young professionals go to their mothers to seek advice on health, happiness and love.

But others go to their mothers seeking a bit of different advice: what to put in the "bio" section of their Tinder profiles.

With an estimated 50 million active users, the dating app based on swiping right for interested and left for not interested has grown in popularity since it was initially released in 2012, with the average member checking his or her account 11 times a day, according to Marie Claire.

Users' bios might include a clever ice breaker, fun fact or anecdote to let other "swipers" know who they are as people. Buzzfeed staffers took a different approach, however asking their moms to write their Tinder bios for them.

The moms all responded differently: one intimidated, one suspicious and another more than ready for the task at hand.

Although a mom or two didn't get past the planning stages, the end result featured Tinder bios heavy with opinion, humor and emotion.

"Pretty, funny, smart and compassionate, my mother has it all!" one staffer's mom wrote in her daughter's Tinder bio. "She is the person I strive to be, and if you date me, you can look forward to one day me becoming my mom!"

Alex Rees of Cosmopolitan wrote that the project makes a good case for young adults letting their parents matchmake because "these are some enticing profiles."
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