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Mom writes touching letter to parents of loud kid at 'Star Wars'
Kathy Roller's son, Isaac. - photo by Megan Marsden Christensen
RENO, Nev. It had been more than a week since the long-awaited Star Wars movie came out, and Kathy Roller and her husband were finally sitting in the theatre, prepared with popcorn.

Roller said she and her family members are pretty big fans of the galactic saga, and her sons had already seen. This time, the boys were with friends and their parents were having date night.

But as the audience viewed the highly-praised film, there was one audience member who kept doing the unthinkable: laughing at the wrong parts.

It was a child, who continued to laugh during the silent or quiet moments of the flick. Roller began to cry.

But while most would cry out of frustration, Roller wept because it reminded her when she formerly sat with another small child who giggled inappropriately in public settings.

Rollers 7-year-old son, Isaac, had a complex heart defect and died in January. Isaac had special needs, and he would make noises during movies or school plays.

Since her Star Wars experience, Roller took to writing a blog post in letter form titled to the parents of the loud kid at the Star Wars movie.

For all the dedicated Star Wars fans that were probably TOTALLY ticked off at you and your happy kidthank you for bringing your child to see Star Wars this weekend, the letter said. Thank you for letting them continue to enjoy a movie that they obviously loved. Thank you for reminding me that its OK to rememberand to cryand to laugh about it afterwards. I hope you enjoyed the movie as much as your childand as much as I enjoyed listening to him laughing throughout the movie. May the Force be with you, Kathy (the only person EVER to cry at a Star Wars Movie).

Roller told us she and her husband learned to find joy daily with Isaac. Roller said this is her reminding others to find joy.

If there is a loud kid in the movie theater and your first thought was oh my gosh, I wish those parents would quiet that kid down, ...maybe pause for a moment and just smile because ... kid is enjoying the movie, Roller said.
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