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Mom paints family cars in effort to find daughter a kidney
The mother of a woman in need of a kidney transplant took her plea on the road, and the response has been nothing short of inspiring. - photo by Jessica Ivins
PASADENA, Calif. The mother of a woman in need of a kidney transplant took her plea on the road, and the response has been nothing short of inspiring.

Karol Franks daughter, Jenna, was diagnosed with kidney failure at the age of 14, and continues to fight for her life with daily dialysis treatments 15 years later, according to Today Parents. She needs a new kidney, and the wait has been a long and hard one.

Frustrated with the helplessness of waiting for the thing her daughter needs most, Franks was inspired by an idea she found on a Facebook group where other families looking for donors come together to support each other.

Armed with some paint and a very important message, Franks outfitted the family cars with a request that might save her daughters life.

Daughter needs kidney, the message reads. Type O.

The Franks knew it was probably a long shot, but at this point, they felt they had nothing to lose.

I didnt know how it would work for those in small towns, but we live in Los Angeles with thousands of people on the road, so we figured wed give it a shot, she told Today Parents.

After a few months on the road, the family received several leads, none of which resulted in a kidney, but encouraging all the same.

It seems like every time we get on the freeway we get responses from people, Franks said.

Things changed, however, when another driver saw the message and posted a picture of the kidney car to Twitter, asking fellow tweeters to help spread the word and send it viral, Today Parents reports.

Social media can do amazing things. The original tweet has been retweeted more than 9,200 times, and Jennas story has been picked up by multiple national news outlets over the last week.

I just thought it was a really great idea to spread the word, Tatum Bateman, the woman who posted the Tweet, told Today Parents.

The Franks were overwhelmed by the response. Some 25 people have stepped forward to be tested, with the hopes of donating a kidney to Jenna.

My phone kept going bing! Bing! Bing! Franks told NBC Los Angeles.

Even those who cant donate a kidney have reached out to help. A man handed Jennas brother $40 at a red light and apologized for not being able to do more. Another man emailed the family saying that he was already in the process of donating a kidney, but that if it didnt work out, Jenna could have it, Today Parents reported.

As for Jenna, something she never thought would amount to anything has filled her with gratitude and hope.

It just feels like its meant to be. Theres something really powerful here, she said.
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