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Missouri mom's comics depict humorous realities of parenthood
Alison Wong created the comic strip series New Mom Comics. - photo by Sarah Sanders Petersen
When Alison Wong of St. Louis became a mother, she decided she needed to find moments to laugh. But that seemed challenging as she became caught up in parenthood.

After deciding to draw some comics for her first Mother's Day, however, Wong realized that, if viewed a certain way, her daily motherhood activities could provide the laughs she needed.

"I wished there was something like this when my son was born," Wong wrote in an email interview.

Every day as Wong raised her son, new ideas for comics would come to mind. Wong would jot down the ideas in the Notes app on her phone. She quickly had a long list to work from.

After posting a few of her comics online, Wong realized other mothers appreciated her humor as well.

"Some moms who have had a really tough time have thanked me for helping them smile some who really relate to certain strips, to those who just love reliving this time of their life," Wong said.

Excited about the response, Wong continued her comic strip series to not only help herself but other parents as well. She created a website,, where the series can be viewed. Wong also posts many of the comics to her Facebook page.

"(The comics) make me always see the humor and the positive side of things," Wong said. "I want (other parents) to know that they have a friend out there who's been through it all before and that they're not alone."

Wong's comic strips have been shared by The Huffington Post, Baby Center, Parents and several other websites.
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