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Missouri hunter bags deer he's hunted for 4 years
Phillips told local station KFVS-12 that a young girl shot the same buck back in 2014. His father also shot the buck with a bow. - photo by Herb Scribner
A Missouri hunter finally bagged a 39-point buck after four years.

Tim Phillips posted on Facebook over the weekend that he spent four years hunting the St. Paul giant.

After 4 years of hunting the St. Paul giant I finally was lucky enough to bag him. #Walter 39 pointer counting ring hooks. 32 points counting inch or more. ROUGH SCORE 243! Phillips said in a Facebook post, according to Fox News.

The St. Charles man killed the 39-point buck at 5 p.m. on Saturday, Fox News reported.

Phillips told local station KFVS-12 that a young woman shot the same buck back in 2014. His father also shot the buck with a bow.

Despite tracking the buck for years with his dad, neither could find it. But Phillips camera kept track of the animal, showing that it was still alive.

"I've been hunting on that property for five years," Phillips said, according to The Springfield News-Leader. "I knew he was out there but had to wait for the right time."

He added, "Locals have captured hundreds of photos of this particular deer on their trail cameras dating all the way back to 2012. I definitely wasn't the only person who was hoping to see him."

Phillips told the News-Leader he didnt shoot anything on Saturday morning and decided to take a breakfast break. He went back out in the afternoon to start hunting again, and thats when he saw the buck that had avoided him for years.

A lot of credit should go to Phillips' wife for letting him hunt over 200 times in search of his trophy buck, according to KFVS. So, Monica if you're reading this, Tim says, thank you!

Phillips said his daughter, 10-year-old Audrina, shot her first buck earlier this year.
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