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Missing Las Vegas hotel worker reappears ... on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'
The Mandalay Bay hotel security worker who reportedly vanished ahead of press interviews turned up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday. - photo by Herb Scribner
The Mandalay Bay hotel security worker who reportedly vanished ahead of scheduled press interviews last week turned up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, where he taped his first public account of the events of the Las Vegas shooting.

Jesus Campos, the security worker who allegedly went missing, was joined by maintenance worker Stephen Schuck.

Campos said he went to check on a room on the 32nd floor of the hotel where he was immediately met with gunfire, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which published transcripts of the interview.

Campos said he was patrolling on the 31st floor when he was told to check out a door left ajar on the 32nd floor, CNN reported. But the door to the 32nd floor was jammed in the stairwell, so he took the elevator up the shooter's floor.

He heard drilling sounds upon reaching the 32nd floor.

As I was walking down, I heard rapid fire, and at first I took cover, Campos said. I felt a burning sensation. I went to go lift my pant leg up and I saw the blood. Thats when I called it in on my radio that shots have been fired.

Schuck detailed how he arrived on the 32nd floor and saw Campos laying on the ground. He immediately took cover after Campos yelled at him.

He yelled at me, and within milliseconds, if he didnt say that, I would have got hit. I wasnt fully in cover, and (shots) were passing behind my head and I could feel the pressure, Shuck said.

Campos originally was scheduled to speak to the press last Thursday, but reportedly vanished from after a meeting he had with MGM officials, who own the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Campos has been the subject of much intrigue over the last few days, according to The Washington Post. The security worker was the first person to see shooter Stephen Paddock, the lone gunman who killed 58 people and injured 500 more on the Oct. 1 shooting.

Contradictory statements from police and hotel officials about when he arrived at the gunmans room raised questions about the speed of the response from law enforcement and stoked conspiracy theories about the attack, according to The Washington Post.

As the Deseret News reported, the timeline initially said Campos was shot at 9:59 p.m., a handful of minutes before the shooting began. Later, officials reworked the timeline to show that he had been shot at about the same time the shooting began.
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