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Michigan restaurant offers lonely people a free meal on Thanksgiving
A sign offering free Thanksgiving meals to lonely people gained attention on Reddit. Here's the story of the owner, George, and why his experiences as a young adult might be the reason he gives the deal. - photo by Payton Davis
He faced loneliness, homelessness and hunger as a young adult overseas and now the owner of a Michigan restaurant "pays it forward" at Thanksgiving, according to Mashable.

George Dimopoulos has offered free Thanksgiving meals to Northville, Michigan, residents eating alone for 10 years, Edward Pevos wrote for

But Dimopoulos' effort at his restaurant George's Senate Coney Island proves different this year: It went viral, Brian Koerber wrote for Mashable. A Redditor submitted a picture of the sign promoting free meals for the lonely to the r/pics subreddit Thursday.

Alexis P. Williams wrote for ABC News that Dimopoulos doesn't question people's intent or decide whether they "take advantage" of his hospitality.

That's probably because he understands struggle and the power of generosity, ABC News noted.

How so?

"A native of Greece, Dimopoulos left home at age 12 and moved to Athens, where he recalled asking others for food," ABC News' report read. "When he moved to the United States at 23, Dimopoulos settled into the restaurant business, opening a string of Greek-themed breakfast, lunch and dinner spots throughout the '90s before establishing his Northville location in 2002."

Dimopoulos told ABC News the Thanksgiving deal doesn't make the most business sense but that his "compassion for his community takes precedence over his finances."

"It makes my heart feel good to do it and help a little bit," Mashable quoted Dimopoulos as saying.

According to WILX10, people agree he is helping; the image has garnered thousands of likes, comments and shares from people across the U.S.

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