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Lyft releases hilarious 30-second commercials of competitors fretting over their success
The fictional Ride Corp boss meets with employees. - photo by Koster Kennard
Creators of the ride-sharing app, Lyft, released four 30-second ads to YouTube Monday.

The ads show three officials from Ride Corp, a fictional competitor of Lyft's, meeting in a boardroom and workshopping ideas to compete with Lyft.

In the first ad, the boss asks his employees how they can slow down Lyft drivers; They suggest spike strips, lasers and tryptophan.

The second ad shows Ride Corp trying to compete with Lyft's safety measures by coming up with a safe word.

In the third ad, the officials are dismayed by how much Lyft drivers get tipped.

The final ad shows the officials comparing the number of stars in the universe to Lyft's start rating.

Watch the videos on Lyft's YouTube channel here.
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