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Jimmy Kimmel interviews strangers who showed up to congratulate new parents
Dennis and Deorick Williams showed up at a hospital to congratulate a set of new parents after being accidentally added to a group text. - photo by Lindsey Williams
When Deorick Williams received a group text message about a baby being born, he decided to go to the hospital to congratulate the new parents even though he did not know them.

A YouTube video shows TV host Jimmy Kimmel interviewing two brothers, Dennis and Deorick Williams. Deorick was accidentally added to the group message announcing the birth of a baby.

Instead of ignoring the texts, Deorick Williams asked for the room number and went to the hospital with his brother. They arrived with gifts.

"The crazy thing about it is, we actually never got to see the baby," Dennis Williams said in the video. "I guess it was in, like, the little room where the babies be or whatever. We thought it'd be weird if we be like, 'Hey, where's your guys' baby so we can hold him?' We didn't ask about the baby or anything like that; we just gave them the gift."

Watch the video on YouTube here.
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