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In the time it takes you to look over this chart, U.S. consumers will spend millions
An infographic made by digital marketer Frankie Rendn in partnership with CouponBox shows in any given time period what U.S. consumers spend in different industry, according to Mic. - photo by Payton Davis
Keeping up with the U.S. economy for even a minute proves daunting, but a new infographic gaining traction online will alow you to try, according to Mic.

The graphic created by digital marketer Frankie Rendn in partnership with CouponBox illustrates "just how much U.S. consumers spend over any given stretch of time, broken down by retailer and industry," wrote Tom McKay of Mic.

The infographic shows American spenders are busy.

Rendn's graphic indicated people in the U.S. spend $8 million on online products, purchase 3 million gallons of gasoline and make "tens of millions worth of dollars" of credit card purchases each hour, according to Mic.

U.S. consumers also donate a lot.

According to the infographic, Americans donate more than $850,000 to charity per minute, outpacing what they spend in online sales in 60 seconds, which is about $640,000.

A Charity Navigator report stated total giving to charitable organizations was $358.38 billion in 2014, with 32 percent or $114.90 billion going to religious organizations.
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