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How to recognize your Cinderella without using a glass slipper
Throw away the glass slipper. Here are eight tips on how to recognize your "happily ever after" without squeezing her foot into a shoe. - photo by Emily Sanders
We all know the classic tale of Cinderella. It is the ideal love story. The mistreated Cinderella goes to the ball with the help of a fairy godmother and meets her Prince Charming. It is love at first sight. The clock strikes midnight, and the dream must come to an end. Cinderella flees the palace, leaving behind a single glass slipper.

Good story, right? I can handle a nice tale of dashing princes, magic and love at first sight. Great. Then we get to the end of the story In search for the mysterious girl that stole his heart, Prince Charming has every maiden in the land try on the abandoned shoe. I guess the idea was that whatever girl fit the small glass slipper had to be the princes true love. This is when I cant handle it anymore.

Why on earth would Prince Charming need to use a shoe to find his other half? He was dancing with Cinderella all night. He saw her face. I can only imagine they would have talked at some point during the evening, right? So he heard her voice. But it would seem that our prince was blind and deaf because he still could not recognize his true love without putting a glass slipper on her foot. There has to be a better way to find the girl of your dreams.

For all you guys in search of true love, here are some tips on how to recognize your Cinderella without using a silly shoe:

1. She brings out the best in you

This is a huge sign you have found your princess. Your Cinderella should never try to tear you down or make you compromise your standards. She should be the person that makes you want to be a better man.

2. You would do almost anything to make her smile

Her smile will be sunshine and water to you. A flash of her smile will make any day happier, any situation better and any moment brighter. You will find yourself needing it and will want to do just about anything to see that smile light up her beautiful face.

3. She lovingly corrects you.

If your princess truly loves you, she will correct you. This is a sign that she cares about you enough to want what is best for you. When you find a girl that does this, keep her around. She will always have your back.

4. You miss her when you are apart.

You will suddenly understand why so many people refer to the love of their life as their other half. Any separation, for any length of time, is painful. You will miss her when she is not there and loathe the idea of leaving when she is there.

5. You use the words we, us and our.

When you think of the future, she is by your side. There will be little talk of I or me. For in your mind, you will begin to feel that there is no I without her. Together is where you belong.

6. She is your confidant.

Search for a girl that you can tell anything to. Your Cinderella should be the person you trust more than anyone else. She will know all of your secrets and loyally keep them.

7. You are just fine doing absolutely nothing together.

One of the biggest signs of true friendship and a healthy relationship is comfortable silence. If you are looking for the one, keep an eye open for a girl you are completely content doing absolutely nothing with.

8. You are willing to suffer with her.

Believe it or not, a big part of finding your true love is finding someone you want to suffer with. If you discover yourself wanting to be a shoulder to cry on, it is highly probable you have found your Cinderella. You will want to be by her side through rain or shine.

There are many more things to look for when trying to recognize your Cinderella, but these eight tips will give you a good start. Remember that the search may take longer that you expect. Dont lose heart. Your happily ever after is out there, and you are going to find her. Without a shoe.
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