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How Netflix plans to trick your child on New Years Eve again
The amount of family-oriented content available on Netflix contributes to its popularity. - photo by Herb Scribner
Netflix is helping parents put their young ones to bed at a decent hour on New Years Eve.

For the third year in a row, the streaming service is offering countdown videos that allow young viewers to count down the minutes to midnight with some of their favorite characters, according to USA Today. The videos became available Wednesday.

The videos help parents let their children celebrate the holiday without staying up until midnight.

Parents can choose from a variety of countdown videos, including ones from the shows Fuller House, Trollhunters and Puffin Rock.

Netflix is all about giving members the freedom to decide when and how to watch, and the New Years Eve Countdowns do just that, Andy Yeatman, the director of kids content for Netflix, told USA Today. They put families in charge of the holiday, whether that means celebrating at 9 and then lights out, or ringing in the New Year over and over again. I have three young daughters, so for us, that means celebrating three times with three different countdowns they each get to choose.

The peak time for last years Netflix countdown clock was 8 p.m., USA Today reported.

Data from Netflix found that about 58 percent of parents liked the idea of sending their children to bed early. About 98 percent of families across the world celebrate the holiday with their families.

Most families, specifically those from the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, feel 9 p.m. is a suitable time to send children to bed on New Years Eve, according to Netflix's research from 2015.

About 41 percent of American parents said they create some sort of plan to trick their children into thinking an earlier hour is actually midnight.

Even if youre going to trick your children about the time on New Years Eve, you can still celebrate with them in various fun ways.

You can eat lucky foods like cornbread for gold, pomegranate for prosperity, and noodles for longevity, according to Scholastic to make them excited for the new year.

Parents may also want to reflect on the years biggest moments, especially ones tied to the family.

If thats not enough, you can also invite your childs best friends over for a little bash before it gets too late, and you can celebrate multiple time zones ahead of your own, giving your child a little bit more excitement as the clock ticks on.
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