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Have You Seen This? Youre never too old to hate shots
No Caption - photo by Angie Treasure

THE DOCTORS OFFICE It doesnt matter if youre young or old, everybody hates getting shots.

As were nearing peak flu season, weve all been admonished by our employers or loved ones to get our flu shots, to protect ourselves and those too young or infirm to be vaccinated.

I got mine this year, and at 27 years old, I still avoided the moment until I was bullied/shamed into it. And I get one every year.

One 93-year-old man in Yakima, Washington got his shot earlier this year, and the video of it happening is just delightful, if only because it gives us permission to be complete crybabies when the nurse pulls out that (admittedly tiny) needle.

I know its gonna hurt, the nonagenarian said in the video. And just like most of us, who huff and puff and blow the proverbial house down when confronted with something we dont want to do, its over just as quickly, and practically painlessly.

Now, theres a good chance the man in the video is goofing on the nurse, mostly because in the description, the submitter wrote, "My 93-year-old dad is a practical joker and loves to harass the nurses whenever possible. He was being his usual funny self on this day receiving his flu shot."

Well, it was a solid joke, nonetheless, and the perfect video to pass along to anyone still fussing about getting their flu shot.
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