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Have You Seen This? What if mom were interrupted on live TV?
Last week, a video of a father getting interrupted during a live interview by his kids went viral; this week, a comedy duo asks, What if the same thing happened to a mom? - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE HOME OFFICE Last week, a live BBC interview with Professor Robert Kelly went viral (with more than 20 million views) when his two kids crashed the party.

It was a delightful and spontaneous window into the often chaotic nature of parenthood, which obviously resonated with many people worldwide. However, when something becomes this popular in about a week, its inevitable that the parodies will soon follow.

Enter comedy duo Jono and Ben who created a video sketch asking the question, What if mom were interrupted on live TV? The answer is, she would handle it just a teeny tiny bit differently than dad.

The parody starts off similarly with kid No. 1 entering, but the tack mom chooses to take is nearly a 180 from the mostly-cool-a-bit-annoyed path that Kelly took. The woman in the video only skips one beat before immediately ushering the tot into her lap to feed her a bottle...and then the real work begins.

During the video, mom entertains kid No. 2, cooks a turkey, steams some clothing that is decidedly not hers, and much more. (I wont spoil all the surprises.) Personally, my favorite interruption is at the end when her husband or as some (not me) would say, kid No. 3 comes in asking her to help him find his other sock. Through all this, of course, she continues with the interview like nothing else distracting or important is happening. Even when the anchor stumbles, she picks up the slack and gets work done.

Sure, the video is hyperbole at its finest, but Im guessing the two male YouTubers who made this video also have capable wives or mothers or both who also get work done.

For more parody fun, check out this Star Wars version that includes nosey droids playing the kids.
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