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Have You Seen This? Turning 1 dog into 4
Turning one dog photo into four is almost like a magic trick, except theres no smoke, mirrors, or sleight of hand. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE KITCHEN Sometimes you think you know how the world works, but then a pasta maker blows your mind.

Sure, you may already think pasta makers are magic, what with all that delicious homemade pasta that jettisons glutenous goodness almost directly into your pasta-loving belly. And most people who enjoy pasta would probably agree with you.

But did you know that every pasta maker in the whole world can turn one photo of a dog into four? Watch the featured video and learn.

Without even one attempt at sleight of hand, the YouTube user and photographer Kensuke Koike causally runs a dog photo through a pasta maker. She doesnt even utter a single abracadabra; all you can hear is the lightly crunchy (and weirdly satisfying) sound of the photo being shredded. Some shuffling commences and voila two dogs appear right before your eyes!

A little tape and a jump cut later, and you see that two dogs are now heading through the pasta maker. And, you guessed it, thats how she makes four dogs.

Sure, the dogs are a little pixelated, but it is still four very recognizable images of dogs, each with their own shape and personality.

I dont know about you, but now I have a huge hankering to buy a pasta maker and try this out for myself. Heck, I might even make real pasta after.
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