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Have You Seen This? Trying the world's hottest chip
We're not saying don't eat super spicy food we're just saying, maybe doing do it when you're live on television. - photo by Angie Treasure
DENVER People have varying degrees of comfort with spicy food.

Personally, I love food with a little kick to it my favorite meal as a poor college student was Cup o' Noodles with a generous amount of added Tapatio. And I made friends on a high school debate trip (don't judge me) when I downed a plate of too-spicy-for-the-guys hot wings.

Now, there's a reasonable level of spice and then there's straight up insanity.

A company called Paqui has laid down the spicy gauntlet with its #OneChipChallenge, betting customers they can't tolerate a single portion of the world's hottest chip with ingredients like the Carolina Reaper pepper and ghost pepper. In fact, it'll cost you $47.90 for 10 individually packaged chips that come in a coffin, previewing the worst case scenario upon consumption.

Channel 2 News Daybreak in Denver had its on-air talent try the chip and, well, there's a reason why live television is so risky.

Anchor Natalie Tysdal does not tolerate the spice well, and as she's overwhelmed with the heat of the Carolina Reaper Madness Chip, we assume she was cursing the poor producer who undoubtedly got an earful after the clip was over.

"So, what really happened on TV this morning with the 'one chip challenge?'" Tysdal wrote on Facebook. "I thought I was OK until I had a drink of my coffee to wash down the chip. I threw up, couldn't breathe and felt like fire was coming out of my mouth, nose and ears. I had a bottle of water, a glass of milk, a tablespoon of honey and 3 mints and still felt on fire. An hour later I had chills and a massive headache. Three hours have gone by and I feel like I was beat up in a dark alley."

Sounds appetizing!

Watch the clip and let us know: Would you ever do the #OneChipChallenge?
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