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Have You Seen This? Toddler is adorable snowboarder
Shes one year old, shes got the chubbiest cheeks you might ever see, and she shreds the slopes on a snowboard sort of. - photo by Martha Ostergar
For some of you, this video may be hard to watch.

No, its not because this toddler is in danger she most certainly is not its because if youre like me, this bundle of happiness is better at a sport at one year old than youll ever be.

Dont believe me? Just watch the video, and I can almost guarantee that you will both be impressed and come down with a severe case of cuteness overload.

Now, Sloan isnt some sort of snowboarding prodigy, per se. In fact, her parents posted several YouTube videos showing how they practiced with Sloan in their living room and backyard before taking her out on the gentlest slope Park City likely has to offer. Basically, this tot has already put in the hard work and has thus earned every win on the slopes.

OK, OK, so little Sloan may not be quite shredding the slopes yet. But shes sure having a good time if her sparkling eyes and giggles mean anything. And if this gall-durned, adorable video is any indication, it wont be long until she says buh-bye to her pacifier and starts riding like a pro.

Plus, with her increasing Internet fame, Sloan will have no problem getting sponsored by any given snowboarding company in the world. Am I right?
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