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Have You Seen This? The polar bear workout
Forget CrossFit; its time to try the polar bear workout. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE ZOO Do you like to go the gym? Do you like to ask friends, Do you even lift? Are you trying to get real swole, bruh? Then this video is for you.

Its also for any of you who love unexpected and delightful behavior from animals, and its for those of you who just like to be entertained in 40 seconds or less. So, basically its for all of you.

Im dubbing this video The Polar Bear Workout, and I further predict that it is the start of a new exercise craze. All you have to do is go to a zoo with polar bears, get the attention of the biggest polar bear in the enclosure and start doing burpees.

Easy peasy.

OK, dont do any of that, but do watch the video to see a polar bear doing his own version of a water-based burbee as he mimics a zoo patron. Its both hugely fun and impressive. If nothing else, it will certainly give you a better understanding of the speed and agility of a creature that can weigh up to an actual half a ton.
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