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Have You Seen This? The best country singer might be Mongolian
It turns out even the Mongols can sing with as much down-home soul as the King of Country. - photo by Angie Treasure

ULAANBAATAR Im not a big fan of country music.

Its true my first real concert I ever went to was Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, but I didnt really buy the tickets, nor did I have any say in what was playing on the CD in my sisters Volkswagen Jetta when shed pick me up from my friends houses.

I relate to little about country life; riding down dirt roads in blue jeans and every other stereotype are basically just squares in modern country music Bingo to me.

But just because I dont fill my iTunes library with twang doesnt mean its not an American nay a global phenomenon.

Take a contestant from Mongolias Got Talent as a prime example. Enkh-Erdene Otgonbat (or O.Enkh-Erdene as he is sometimes referred) auditioned for the reality show by singing a George Strait song.

Yes, it turns out even the Mongols can sing with as much down-home soul as the King of Country, whose Amarillo by Morning Enkh did justice in his five-minute audition.

The video of the electrician whose father advised him not to pursue a career in singing has recently been circulating around Facebook, though the show debuted in October. You may have missed it, unless you get Mongol TV.

Spoiler alert: O.Enkh-Erdene went on to win the competition and even does a mean Elvis Presley impression. Staggering, considering hes singing in a foreign language.
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