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Have You Seen This? Pop-up book made with Legos
A Japanese man created a working pop-up book made out of Legos. Youll have to see it to believe it. - photo by Martha Ostergar
LEGO CITY If you loved Legos as a child like I did, you probably still get excited when you see new and creative things made with Legos.

Well, prepare to have your mind blown by the coolest Lego build youve ever seen and may ever see.

YouTube user Talapz recently posted a video showing his incredible Lego creation of a one-page pop-up book. The book, which starts starts out flat, is of course several inches thick. As Talapz opens it, the famous Himeji Castle in Japan rises out of the hinged creation and locks into a full-on 3D structure.

I know you dont believe me, because I wouldnt believe me, so youll simply have to watch the video.

In the video description, Talapz says he spend 15 months building the castle. The pop-up build weighs almost 28 pounds, but Talapz didnt count the number of pieces he used. Maybe the most impressive stat of all is that he didnt use any glue to keep the behemoth together.

Talapz has two more videos of other mind-bending Lego creations, which you can enjoy on his YouTube channel.
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