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Have You Seen This? Massive underground pipe explosion
Plumbing problems can be a nightmare. - photo by Angie Treasure

KIEV, Ukraine Plumbing problems can be a nightmare.

It seems like most homeowners have woken up to water somewhere it shouldnt be, facing the impending task of A) cleaning it up and B) finding and fixing the original problem. For me, it was when the water hose to the fridge became disconnected and flooded my kitchen overnight, which led to an extended stay at my parents house. Not ideal.

Now, take that relative appliance puddle to the umpteenth power.

On May 30 in Kiev, Ukraine, CCTV cameras caught the exact moment an underground pipe ruptured, lifting up the road and exploding onto the street. The result is a destroyed roadway and sediment-rich water running down the capital city streets.

According to the BBC, some cars were damaged but no one was injured during the occurrence, and officials arent quite sure what caused the rupture.

The video is pretty fascinating to watch and even better in slow motion.
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