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Have You Seen This? Man reunites with mother after 10 years
This mans reaction is better than you expect, and watching it will more than likely give you chills and make your day. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE HEART This video is a solid case of absence makes the heart grows fonder.

According to the video description, a man named Jeffrey hasnt seen his mom in 10 years. She lives in Libreville, Gabon, and he lives in the United States. The mother and son have kept close and in touch with phone calls and video chats, but as this video proves, its not exactly the same thing as seeing a loved one in person.

The video starts with a surprise visit from a brother Jeffrey hasnt seen in four years, which is sweet in and of itself, but its only a warm-up. At the 56-second mark, the camera pans over to mom hiding around the corner, and then the anticipation and fun really begin.

You may immediately burst into tears when the 6-foot-7-inch tall Jeffrey first exclaims, Mama! Or your waterworks may start flowing when Jeffrey sits on the floor and weeps. Or you may think about someone you love and miss while you watch and lose your composure.

OK, maybe you wont cry like a baby as I did, but there is a good chance watching the 2-minute video will make your day in one way or another.
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