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Have You Seen This? Man records his first attempt as snake charmer
If your idea of a casual and fun afternoon is sitting in a hole with a bunch of terrifying snakes, you are going to love this video. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
VIETNAM Some people collect coins. Some people sew. Some people love to cook. And some people are snake charmers.

We all have different hobbies; a few of those hobbies are just way more terrifying than others.

In a video recorded last month in Lang Son, Vietnam, a man recorded his first attempt at snake charming. That's not a hobby I personally ever want to participate in but to each their own.

In the video, the guy looks way calmer than I would be as he very slowly moves around a hole filled with at least 10 snakes. As he gets situated (with his flute in hand), the snakes slither around him looking curious. One starts climbing up his leg, but fortunately, it doesn't bite. I guess these snakes are really starved for entertainment and just want to hear the snake charmer's song. I don't know, I can't read their minds. That's what snake whisperers are for. OK, I'm mixing up snake hobbies now.

Anyway, enjoy the video and try not to hold your breath throughout the entire six minutes as you watch. To avoid anyone passing out while watching, I'll share this tiny spoiler: despite his comment in the video's description that this was "really scary," I think this rookie snake charmer has a bright career ahead of him.
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