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Have You Seen This? Lioness plays fetch
Maybe big cats are on their way to taking over the title of mans best friend? (Hint: They are not; its just a fun video.) - photo by Martha Ostergar
CAT SANCTUARY Playing fetch with a dog who is into it is heaps of fun.

The energy and excitement is contagious, well, at least until the reality of repetitive throwing rears its ugly head.

Sadly, Ive heard some dog owner disparage cats because they dont play fetch, but thats not quite the whole story.

First, some dogs are really bad at fetch. They wont chase a thrown object for love or money, or they wont drop the thrown object once they have it. Second, there are house cats that will play fetch with little tinfoil balls or even tennis balls. I have met such a cat. She was pretty rad. Third, cats actually have their own version of fetch, but its more like catch and kill.

The cat in this video plays the latter version of the game, but this is no lap cat. This is a full-grown lioness named Serabie that lives on a lion sanctuary in South Africa.

The keeper in the video gathers up a big pile of sticks and lobs them over the fence for Serabie to fetch. She runs and jumps and pounces while her male counterparts looked confused and then slightly annoyed at her enthusiasm for inanimate objects.

She is so into the game that she cant not kill a thrown stick. So when a stick gets stuck in a tree a tree that looks like it should not hold her weight Serabie climbs that tree to try and get her kill fix.

The video is pretty stinking adorable, but as with any video featuring a wild animal, this one comes with a reminder. No matter how cute, cuddly, pet-like or human-like wild animals seem, they are wild animals with unpredictable behavior. Please enjoy nature responsibly.
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