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Have You Seen This? John Williams musically rules the world
Its mind-blowing to realize how much John Williams has been a major musical part of our lives. - photo by Martha Ostergar
HARVARD YARD This year at its commencement, Harvard University had a very special guest: composer John Williams.

Of course, the entire school would have been remiss if they didnt pay tribute to one of the greatest movie composers of all time and the resulting tribute was an a cappella medley of some of Williams most recognizable scores.

Whether or not youre a fan of a cappella (its certainly not at the top of my list), if you just take a listen I promise youll be amazed. You may enjoy the Harvard Din and Tonics performance, and you may feel charmed by Williams reaction throughout. However, I wont guarantee either of those aspects are the most amazing part.

As you listen, what will amaze you is just how ubiquitous Williams and his music is. He has been a part of so many major and beloved films that its hard to wrap your head around it. Just the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises would be enough for one mans career and the tribute. But then the a cappella group reminds us that Williams scored E.T., Jaws, the original Superman franchise, the first three Harry Potter movies, and more.

I certainly had a moment while watching when I realized that Ive been hearing John Williams music throughout my whole life, and you probably have too. Its also incredible how many of his movie scores bring up raw, giddy emotions from my childhood and beyond. It's just another testement to Williams' gifts and abilities.

Just look at a few of the other scores the Din and Tonics didnt cover or look up Williams' name and tell me that man hasnt been a regular part of your life.

  • Schindler's List

  • Home Alone

  • Hook

  • Jurassic Park

  • Saving Private Ryan

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind

  • Empire of the Sun

And so many more.
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