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Have You Seen This? Howling on anesthesia
This husky has the post-op blues and has a hard time communicating them while still recovering from the anesthesia. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE HATCHBACK Some dogs live such great lives that sometimes, I often wish I were a dog.

When dogs are living the good life, they get fed on a regular schedule, they get so many pets and praise, and they get afternoon naps in the sun on the porch or in a big plush cushion. But that doesnt mean some dogs dont get the blues.

For example, please see Exhibit A in the form of this video. According to the video description, Zeus the Stubborn Husky just had eye surgery and is on his way home to rest up. But coming out of anesthesia is no fun, no matter if youre a dog or a human.

Zeus does his best to make his displeasure known with some of the saddest, scratchy howls youve ever heard. And even though you do feel sympathy for this poor fellow, it turns the corner into comical for two reasons.

First, for whatever reason, the cone of shame is always a little funny when animals wear them thats a universal fact. Second, Zeus looks like hes falling asleep mid-howl. Its kind of like those videos we all love so much of kids falling asleep while they eat.

Despite his blues, Zeus seems very happy (or maybe hes just straight up loopy) to be in the car going home. Indeed, his owner said he got home and was able to rest comfortably until all the anesthesia wore off.
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