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Have You Seen This? Hot potato with a flaming ball of fire
This video is a short one, but it's cool. Definitely don't try this at home. - photo by Mary Dalrymple

CHEMISTRY LAB There was a lot less fire involved in my high school chemistry class than teen movies led me to believe.

Despite watching beakers explode and dangerous chemicals catch fire in almost every movie that takes place inside a high school, I was never once placed in a terrifying or life-threatening situation in the lab. And I'm absolutely grateful for that.

This high school class, however, seems to come straight from the teen movies. In the video, a group of teens pass around a flaming ball of propane essentially playing hot potato with a ball of fire.

While the students look like they're having fun, a few of them do seem to be in pain, (as you would expect after catching a fiery propane ball in your hands and tossing it to your lab partner.)

This is definitely a dangerous activity, so enjoy the video, but remember what your mother told you about playing with fire, (and don't try this at home!)
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