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Have You Seen This? Guy scares friends with drone witch
If you're friends with Mark Cawley, you'll want to keep an eye out for witches roaming nearby airspace. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
BOUNTIFUL, Utah It's that time of year when things are getting spooky and witches and ghouls are roaming the streets.

Or, if you're friends with this guy, witches may be roaming nearby airspace.

For the past several years, Mark Cawley has been spooking his friends and family with elaborate Halloween creations. Last year, he went all out with a larger-than-life radio-controlled spider that was both impressive and creepy. But this year he switched things up a bit and used a drone to build a sinister-looking witch who flies through the air and may even chase you if you get on her bad side.

Cawley posted this video of the witch in action, and if you need a little help getting into the Halloween spirit, just watch the video and imagine being chased by this witch hovering over you in the air.
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