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Have You Seen This? Grizzly bear is kid at heart
No Caption - photo by Martha Ostergar
CHILDHOOD Weve heard it all before, do we as humans ever really grow up?

Well probably argue about it forever, especially when grown men make potty jokes and grown women get silly over an attractive male. (Yes, I know I just reduced everyone to gross stereotypes for my own purposes, but Ill allow it.)

But heres a new layer to the argument, do bears ever really grow up?

As evidence toward the no side of the argument, consider this video captured by tourists in the Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska. The group giggles in amazement as a seemingly full-grown grizzly bear rolls down a grassy hill, in a bear-el roll, if you will. (I will not apologize for that terrible joke.)

Basically the bear looks like any kid who has encountered a grassy hill, including me in my youth.

This evidence can be added to other videos like this family of black bears taking a swim, this bear gleefully diving in to a pool like a puppy and this bear trying to get a colorful flag on a golf course.

You may draw your own conclusions from the evidence.

Personally, Ive never seen the like, and I was truly amazed and delighting by the bears seemingly carefree frolic. But dont think for a second that I didnt come to my senses quickly to realize that a bear is a bear is a bear that could kill me with one paw swipe. So after you watch the video to experience its delightfulness, I advise you still respect and fear bears for the wild animals they are.
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