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Have You Seen This? Fastest banjo player will blow you away
Its hard to imagine the training it mustve taken to become this mind-bendingly fast. - photo by Martha Ostergar
FOOLS FIELD It takes an unimaginable amount of work to be the best, brightest or fastest at something.

Sometimes people spend their whole lives trying to shatter a record or otherwise dominate in their chosen activity or niche. It can turn into a bit of a sticky wicket, though, because striving for excellence is encouraged, but becoming obsessed with being the best isnt always healthy.

Just ask the self-proclaimed fastest banjo player, Kurt Quinn. In this video, he shows us what hes made of and what it means to be the fastest banjo player.

His sheer speed will astound you, and his strained efforts will impress you. However, as a fair warning, after you watch this video, you may never be able to feel good about yourself, again. Hes just too glorious to behold.

Even though he beats the record, Quinn surprisingly admits at the end that it was too hard, too grueling, and none of his efforts were worth it.

OK, fine. This year-old video is instead a delightful play on words and turns into a goofy joke. Did you think I wouldnt try and slip one by you on April Fools Day? Even if being fast with a banjo isnt Quinns forte, the video is still pretty funny.

If you want to see what it really looks like to be an incredibly fast banjo player, check out Todd Taylor becoming the Guinness World Records holder in 2009, playing at 210 beats per minute.
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