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Have You Seen This? Extremely good dog is the best water boy
If you're wondering what heaven looks like, it's a baseball game where dogs are involved. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
THE BASEBALL FIELD Imagine a world where dogs are a part of every baseball game. Are you imagining it? It seems nice, right? Maybe even like heaven. Well, sometimes we get a little taste of heaven on earth, like in this video.

The video features Jake the Diamond Dog, who just so happens to be an adorable golden retriever and the world's best water boy. Jake has charmed the internet several times just search his name on YouTube and you'll find several videos of him being a really, really good dog at baseball games across the country.

According to People, Jake has several duties, including making sure everyone stays hydrated, giving the bat boys a break from time to time, and just looking really cute and pet-able. Jake travels around the country to different ballparks, and even has his own Facebook page with the description "The best darn dog in professional baseball."

Thanks, Jake, for making our baseball games a little bit more perfect. You've blessed our lives; now go on and keep being a real good boy.
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