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Have You Seen This? Excited panda cant get enough snow
Tian Tian the panda knows how to adorably make the most of a severe winter storm. - photo by Martha Ostergar
PANDA-MONIUM If you havent heard by now, the Midwest and parts of the East Coast are getting snow this weekend, and lots of it.

The storm is serious business, with about 85 million people in the path of a predicted 18 to 40 inches of snow, depending on where they live, according to CNN.

Even though this storm dubbed Jonas is dangerous and should be treated as such, that doesnt mean there isnt snow-related fun to be had. (Which, I know, is easy for us Utahns to say as we sit snug as bugs out of the path of the storm.)

Enter the 18-year-old panda Tian Tian, resident of The Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C. He knows how to fully appreciate a snowstorm, and this video proves it. Trust me, youll want to see him literally bathe in the white stuff, because its about as adorable as it comes when animals are involved.

And if you dont find it adorable, you might want to have your feelings checked. After all, the video was viewed on Facebook over 19 million times in about five hours and is creeping up on a million shares.

Stay safe, neighbors to the east. We suggest staying inside and watching adorable animal videos.

If you wish to see how other animals in the zoo are faring, check out the Smithsonian National Zoos Facebook page.
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