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Have You Seen This? Dog is dogs best friend
When youre stuck in snow, and it dont look good, who you gonna call? - photo by Martha Ostergar
AFTER THE STORM A pit bull is in trouble deep snow type of trouble.

Luckily for Knuckles, she has a good friend in the form of a German shepherd named Kanawha to help her out of his snowbound scrape.

In the video, Knuckles does look good and stuck in drifted snow next to a dumpster. Her face looks longingly and expectantly at the voice behind the camera and Kanawha. Please, help! Dont leave me! she seems to say with a single expression. After a few small efforts from Knuckles to get back to her pack, Kanawaha couldnt take it anymore.

Without any further encouragement, Kanawaha plunges into the snow and tromps back to make a path for Knuckles, and truly dog becomes dogs best friend.

Kanawhas efforts to make the path and save his friend is adorable, sweet, and hilarious, but Im loathe to say it is a true rescue. In fact, Id go as far to say Kanawha is, as the video description says, chastising Knuckles for her half-hearted attempts to set herself free.

Lets look at the facts. First, somehow Knuckles got to that spot in the first place. That means she could and did power her way through the snow from one direction or another. Second, while she did seem to make some efforts, they were rather lame and forced. Basically, Knuckles actions seemed like those of a toddler who wants to be carried but first must convince the adult by demonstrating how hard it is to even lift his arms.

That being said, they both still check out as very good dogs that both deserve a lot of snuggles, treats, and pets, according to my non-professional opinion.
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