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Have You Seen This? Delicious cake version of Super Mario Bros.
Whats sweeter than a Super Mario Bros. tribute? A Super Mario Bros. stop motion cake tribute, of course. - photo by Martha Ostergar
LEVEL ONE What do you do when youve got sweet, sweet baking skills and a love for video games?

The n00b might just bake some cookies and eat them while gaming a perfectly acceptable solution, but not entirely elegant or creative.

So what do the truly skilled and dedicated of the kitchen do? If youre like this man, you make this stop-motion video of Super Mario Bros. level 1-1, using a fluffy, fruit-filled cake. Yes, it is as delicious and delightful as it sounds.

YouTube user gamerboymedia said in the behind-the-scenes video that he wanted to make a Mario tribute for a while before landing on this idea. Since his sister is a professional cake decorator, he recruited her to make cupcake goombas, cake-pop mushrooms, a gingerbread castle, brownie steps and perhaps most importantly several different Mario sugar cookies to create all the gameplay action.

The video was first posted in 2014, but the Internet has only recently caught on to how scrumptious a cake version of Super Mario Bros. is. So, dig in to satisfy your gaming sweettooth.

Nutritional facts for one viewing: 0 calories, 100% daily allowance of fun.
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