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Have You Seen This? Daring Louisiana flood rescue
A man jumps into flood waters to save a woman and her dog from a sinking car. - photo by Martha Ostergar
BATON ROUGE Louisiana is experiencing historic flooding, but that didnt stop a group of men saving a woman and her dog from drowning.

Communities around Baton Rouge have seen at least 24 inches of rain since Wednesday, and more rain is expected Sunday.

Three people are confirmed dead, but at least 7,000 people have been rescued from the rising waters, according to Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards.

One of those rescues was caught on video. It shows the raw drama and reality of the treachery of natural disaster situations, but it also shows the goodness and bravery of regular people in a community who come together in times of need.

In the video, a group of men pulls up on a boat to a sinking convertible that is nearly submerged. One man tries to break a window to help the woman out, but he cant break the glass in time. Right when the car submerges, the man jumps into the flood waters and peels back the convertible top, ultimately yanking the woman out by the arm.

But the rescue isnt over, and the man goes under the water to find the womans dog. Miraculously, the tiny dog finds its way from the muddy waters into the man's arms.
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