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Have You Seen This? Cutest oil change ever
The most adorable way to learn how to change the oil in your car is brought to you by a little girl in a "My Little Pony" shirt. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE GARAGE If youve ever wanted to learn how to change the engine oil on your car but found manuals and videos confusing or boring, Ive got the video for you.

YouTube user Little How To Girl is on the case, and it is arguably the most entertaining but definitely the most adorable way to learn how to change your oil.

I dont know the age of the unnamed little girl, but I do know she still pronounces her Rs as Ws, if that gives you a good guess. Dont let her darling-ness fool you there is plenty of implied girl power in the video.

Her "My Little Pony" shirt and general appearance of being a typical girly girl is the perfect contrast for a dirty activity that is stereotypically seen as a task performed by a burly mans man.

Indeed, this sweet girl probably adds a step that any oil changer should probably add to their process, no matter their gender, upper body strength or skill level a cookie and song break while waiting for the oil to drain.

The oils draining, my Lord, kumbaya, she croons sweetly in the video.

In fact, as I watched the video, the process seemed so simple that now Im wondering why I havent been changing my oil for years. I suppose the only thing stopping me is the lack of flat garage space and oil disposal fees. Cant win em all.

Little How To Girl has a few other videos for more of your car repair needs, home repair needs and even face shaving needs. Check out her YouTube channel for more.
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