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Have You Seen This? 850 horsepower vs. 10K horsepower
This video shows a race between one really fast vehicle and another unbelievably fast vehicle. You'll want to watch it. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
THE RACE TRACK According to, my car has about 130 horsepower.

I'll be honest, I don't fully know what that means, other than that my car isn't going to win any races soon. Which is perfectly all right with me, but probably wouldn't be OK with the people behind this video.

The video shows a race between two really fast vehicles, and trust me, you'll want to watch it. The first vehicle in the race is a Red Bull off-road trophy truck with 850 horsepower. Now, I'm just comparing that to my tiny little Honda Fit's horsepower and wow, that's fast. Never having driven a race car myself, I find it nearly impossible to comprehend what driving such a vehicle would feel like.

But wait! The next vehicle is, unbelievably, a 10,000 horsepower dragster. I say it's unbelievable because it was literally hard for me to believe a vehicle like that existed until I watched the video of the two racing.

Despite having a head start, the Red Bull truck (obviously) loses the race. But the cool part is watching the dragster zoom down the track with what seems like the force of a rocket. Though for reference, I looked up the actual horsepower of a rocket, and according to NASA, it's 37 million. OK, so these vehicles are fast, but not quite rocket fast. Good to know.

Anyway, enjoy the video and if you'd like a more in-depth look at this race and these super fast cars, here's a longer video that shares all the details.
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