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Have You Seen This? 2-year-olds first powder day
He hasnt even been walking for very long, and he can already ski better than you. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE SLOPES As I understand it, every avid skier remembers his first epic powder day.

In fact, Ive heard it compared to an otherworldly experience that cant quite be described unless youre on the slopes yourself. (Since Ill never be on the slopes myself, Ill gladly take any ski buffs word for it.)

A 2-year-old from Ontario, Canada, who is lovingly called Hankster, recently had his first powder day. Even though he might not remember the rush of cutting his first powder, that doesnt mean he wasnt thoroughly enjoying himself.

In the video, Hankster takes each gentle slope and turn with ease. In fact, it appears hes not putting even one iota of effort into the proceedings. Hes an extremely cool and nonchalant customer, and hes probably skiing better than many skiers reading this.

Its an unbelievably adorable watch that is made even better because the Hankster seems more interested in eating snow than skiing it. Every time the camera cuts to his face, his little paw is at his mouth to get one more delicious taste of freshly fallen snow. (Now thats something I can relate to.)

In the video comments, Hanksters dad posted that any proceeds made from the YouTube views on this video will go to Hanksters college fund. To see more from Hankster and his dad, visit the YouTube channel TheHowtoDad.
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