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Have You Seen This? 2 grannies drive Lamborghini through L.A.
Yes, two older women cruise around Los Angeles in a Lamborghini, and yes, its as amazing and hilarious as you imagine. - photo by Martha Ostergar
LOS ANGELES Ah, our good friend stereotypes, running through our lives like little imps that often blind us to the person lurking beyond an expectation.

Sure, stereotypes are universally seen as bad, but there is at least one good thing about them when theyre unexpectedly defied. And thats exactly what this video is about.

Donut Media put together this video knowing full well the stereotypes that go along with Lamborghini owners. Dont deny that you just thought of a man in overpriced sunglasses with slicked or spiked hair wearing studded jeans and a pair of Italian loafers that have exaggerated toe shapes. He also may or may not have a tan, which may or may not have arrived by way of the actual sun.

With this description in mind, which I fully recognize is not fair (even if sort of true), think of how you would react if you were walking down the street in L.A. and saw two women in their 70s cruising around town in a Lamborghini. Now you dont have to imagine your reaction, because this video exists.

But breaking stereotypes isnt the only thing that makes the video delightful and entertaining, its also the fact that the two grannies involved are both firecrackers who might be mistaken for teenagers if you just heard their conversations.

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