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Have You Seen This? 11-year-old writes heartbreaking rap to bully
A YouTube rap artist performs a heartbreaking rap that an 11-year-old boy wrote to a bully who used to be his friend. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE PLAYGROUND The writers of Have You Seen This? often use this platform to entertain and amaze you in delightful ways.

In this piece, you may be amazed by an 11-year-old boys emotions, courage and talent, but you might be touched or even cry instead of being delighted.

Isaac K. wrote a rap about a friend who now bullies him, but Isaac was too nervous to perform it himself, according to YouTube user Mac Lethal. Mac saw something honest and valuable in the heartfelt lyrics, so he decided to help Isaac when he faltered.

Im going to rap this to the best of my ability, and I hope it helps him, Mac says at the beginning of the video with obvious tenderness.

As Mac gets into the meat of the lyrics, a heartbreaking scenario of bullying unfolds. We see a clear picture of a boy who misses a friendship and doesnt understand why it ended. The lyrics in their entirety are well worth the watch, but the real kicker is Isaacs refrain, which describes a feeling that so many people (children and adults alike) experience or fear.

Im different; I know that Im different

Im different; I know that Im different

Im different; I know that Im different

But I still care about you and our friendship."

There are so many ways that we are "different" from one another, but the truth is that we are all the same in the most fundamental ways we are all humans who all want to feel loved and valued. (At least in this writers opinion.)

I am joining my sentiments with Mac, hoping his performance helped Isaac. I also hope that you can find help and value in Isaacs words if you need it.

The video has garnered over 430,000 views since May 30 as well as many messages of support for Isaac. To see read the email Isaac wrote to Mac Lethal, see the first comment on the video on YouTube.
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