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Have You Seen This? 1,000 mousetraps on a trampoline
man jumps onto a trampoline with 1,000 set mousetraps on top, and its obviously awesome. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE BACK YARD A man jumps onto a trampoline with 1,000 set mousetraps on top, and its obviously awesome.

To catch you up, this video is presented by the Slo Mo Guystwo British blokes (named Gavin and Dan) who are self-proclaimed backyard scientists that do interesting or ridiculous science projects and film them in slow motion.

During the life of their YouTube channel, theyve done some amazing things that none of us should ever try at home. (Also this article is not posted to encourage anyone to do their stunts at home.) Lets just say theres a lot of paint splatters and explosions as well as a fair amount of bullets going through fruit and other items. Think lower-budget Myth Busters.

Theres so many incredible moments that you cant see with your own eyes, so we like to show you, they say of their videos in a trailer for their YouTube channel.

I, for one, am certainly glad they do. Watching chemical reactions, chain reactions, and destruction of inanimate objects in slow motion is almost always fascinating. Its sort of like looking at physics through a microscope because you can see so much more than you can normally see.

This time, these two well-prepared fools set up 1,000 armed mouse traps on a trampoline, and then Dan jumps right into the center of the whole thing. Yes, the traps go off spectacularly; yes, it makes an awesome sound; and no, Dan is not particularly hurt during the stunt. The whole thing speaks to my inner child curiosity in ways I wasnt sure were possible anymore.

If none of that convinces you to watch the video, maybe a little advice from Ferris Bueller will help: Life moves pretty fast. If you dont stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.
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