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Fill up on these Thanksgiving TV episodes
Sofa Vergara in Modern Family (2009) - photo by Amanda Taylor
TV LAND Turkey day is an easy one for television since its non-denominational and pretty universally celebrated in the good old USA.

As such, there are many options when it comes to settling in for Thanksgiving with any number of your favorite TV families. Whether focused on meals, family ties or competitive games of touch football, its relatable for autumn audiences.

Have a full-course meal on these delicious Thanksgiving-themed episodes.

Turkey on Modern Family

Three Turkeys - Modern Family (iTunes)

Jay and Gloria tell the family theyre going out of town for Thanksgiving, but are dismayed when their kids invade their home anyway. First they hide, then they come in claiming to have cancelled their trip. Phil is discouraged while trying to create a perfect meal.

Stuffing at Slapsgiving

Slapsgiving - How I Met Your Mother (Netflix)

Thanksgiving is overshadowed by the threat of Marshall delivering a slap he owes to Barney. The slap hangs over everyone, until Lily puts her foot down and refuses to let her first married Thanksgiving be a total nightmare. The gang takes on the annoying habit of saluting at any mention of a military rank, as is the general idea of a Robin and Ted joke.

Nuts and berries with the Loft Gang

Thanksgiving III - New Girl (Netflix)

Nick gets razzed about losing his manliness since he started dating Jess, and takes everyone on a camping trip for Thanksgiving, where theyll be catching and gathering their meal. Cici and Schmidt bond over hating the outdoors while Jess eats a disgusting fish. Its memorable, at least.

Overcooked green beans at the Nine Nine

Thanksgiving - Brooklyn Nine Nine (Hulu)

Jake has bad memories about spending Thanksgiving alone and tries to work through the entire holiday instead of attending Amys poorly cooked meal at her apartment.

To quote him: I am thankful that Thanksgiving only comes once a year. People stuff themselves, and then at midnight they run to appliance stores and trample each other to death. It's a garbage holiday. I'm sorry, I just get emotional when I talk about how bogus Thanksgiving is.

Deep fried everything in Stars Hollow

A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving - Gilmore Girls (Netflix)

The popular Lorelais are expected at four different Thanksgiving meals which shouldnt be a problem since, as Lorelai points out, theyve been training for that their whole lives. However, between the tofurkey at Lanes, the almost-double-date at Lukes, deep frying everything at Sookies and the traditional Gilmore feast, they arent so sure.

Humble Pie with the Friends

The One With The Football - Friends (Netflix)

A friendly game of touch football turns into a showdown between the Geller siblings that sees the return of a terrifying Troll doll trophy that Monica rescued from a lake. Ultimately, nobody wins except the viewer. Especially delightful football ensembles are also featured.

French fries on the Upper East Side

Blair Waldorf Must Pie! - Gossip Girl (Netflix)

Blairs dad ditches out on their special holiday and Dan invites the Van Der Woodsens over for dinner. There is pie, there are headbands and there is much storming out of important meals. Which results in Serena, Eric and Lily eating fries on Thanksgiving, and making it a tradition.

What are your favorite sitcom Thanksgiving episodes? Let us know in the comments.
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