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Book review: 'Painters of Grand Teton National Park' highlights 370 original paintings
"Painters of Grand Teton National Park" is by Donna L. Poulton and James L. Poulton. - photo by Stephanie Abney
"PAINTERS OF GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK," by Donna L. Poulton and James L. Poulton, Gibbs Smith, $75, 288 pages (nf)

Husband-and-wife team Donna and James Poulton have joined forces to create a magnificent and informative art book based on Grand Teton National Park. The oversize tabletop book features 288 pages with nearly 400 paintings, drawings and even a few early maps of the area, spanning more than 200 years of creative work. The husband and wife team wrote in the preface of the book that the Grand Tetons are one of their favorite escapes.

Painters of Grand Teton National Park was written and compiled to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. The Poultons began collecting images of possible paintings to include and soon had a database of 1,100 pieces of art, which they managed to scale down to 370 selections. Each painting includes the artist's name, title of the piece, year completed, medium used, size and where the painting is now located, whether in a private collection or in a museum.

The paintings represent both nationally known and lesser-known artists. The reader can easily get a feel for not only the painting but also the artist and the time in which the work was created. There are journal entries from explorers and artists, some poetry and a significant amount of background material about the area to accompany the paintings. Everything works together to bring to life the scenery and the wildlife of the Grand Tetons and the Jackson Hole area.

This lush volume of paintings depicting Grand Teton National Park could easily be enjoyed by any art lover, but due to its rather expensive price tag, families may want to reserve it for older teens and up. The book doesn't contain any foul language, violence or sexual content.
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